Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you see?

I see people every day that inspire me.

Some that have this invisible strength.
A strength deep inside that just radiates through them.
A strength they themselves never acknowledge.

They can achieve anything.

They can make it through any problem.

Nothing can stop them and where they are going.

This inspires me to be more that what I am.
To actually move on.
Go and attack the world and stay strong.
To feel more than weak.
To be confident.

Another person I saw smiled.
Smiled because of a passion that was inside.
Because there was happiness in sharing their love with the world.
They had a passion that was apparent.
The thing that caught me about that smile was it was not painted.

It stayed.
Something genuine.

From deep inside the heart.

It seems like no matter what that smile of joy danced on their lips.

Because they were doing what made them the happiest.

This inspires me to smile more.
To find what makes me happy.
To follow passion and not money.
To live in joy rather than sadness.
To never spend a moment feeling down.
Because we only get to experience so many moments in a lifetime.

Have you ever seen a person?
A person so far from perfect.
But still lovable.

A person who is more lovable and innocent than any other person.

Because they are truly special.
Special because they need you.

And you always want to be there.

I saw a relationship like this.
I watch a smile explode on a face.
I look of love in someone's eyes.
A person with x-ray vision who saw deep inside.

Through the imperfection and into the innocence.

This is the kind of expression that happens in just seconds.

If you are not completely aware you will miss it.
Miss the sparkle in the eyes.
The joy comes from in the heart and escapes as a smile on the lips.

An expression of love that could not be described in a million words.

Those few seconds inspire me to love.
See through imperfection.
And try to see the beauty inside.
To never look at innocence as being "naive".
But to appreciate the small things.

~Janey Lu

Sometimes we need more help that we can provide for ourselves.
Opening up is good.
Facing fears is okay.
Closure is real.
And life is good.

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