Saturday, October 3, 2009

We only live once

Today I saw a woman.
Her eyes looked empty.
Her lips were shaped in a perfect frown.
As if they never wore a smile.
She worked and looked miserable.
As if nothing in this life pleased her.
I smiled at her and tried to make conversation.
But she seemed to be set.
Set in a routine of nothing she wanted to do.
There was no passion.
This woman bothered me.
A lot.
And she isn't a rare kind.
I see this often.
People who look as if they live to do nothing.
They go through a routine.
Just to get by.
Passion is nonexistent.
They would never live out their dreams.
It is too childish to believe you can live life AND be happy.
People like this bother me.
I never want someone to look at me and think...
"She is unhappy and miserable"
What is life if we don't live it?
Everyone has a passion that burns in their soul.
A goal. A dream. Some kind of hope.
Why do we let go?
Don't we only get to live once?
Why don't we embrace our passions?
Take what you have and live a life of happiness.
No one is standing in our way but ourselves.
What is life if we waste it?

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