You say that you're leaving.
Well take my hand I am coming with you.

You say the pain is to much. 
You say the knife is your only comfort.

The blood all over is only a color.
You are falling apart.
Your heart is broken you have had enough.
You can't handle another let down.
Everything is broken.
You don't want to see  tomorrow.
You don't want a new year.
You want this to be over. 
You don't believe in a cure.
There is nothing left.
Nothing worth it.
You can't take it.
This shattered life is a nightmare.

And you never get to open your eyes.
You say this is it.
There is nothing to look forward to.
So you cry.
The tears fall down.
You hate who you are.
You only see faults in what you have become.     

But it doesn't matter because your story is over now.

Well I say.
Kid I'm right here.

This is just the beginning.
I will be the one to hold you together. 
Remind you of love when you only feel hate.
I'm going to be your cure and your medicine.
Show you the unbelievable when you lose your faith. 

Feel your pain and make sure you are never alone.
I'm going to take that knife and heal those scars.
I'm going speak louder than the voice of your broken heart.
I'm going to show you meaning.
I'm going to tell you everything honestly.
We will find the beauty in who you are.
I swear I will be here when you need to fall apart. 

You say there is nothing left.
This is just another empty promise.
But I will die by my word.
I will stand by you, wherever you are.
Tomorrow is full of beauty.
Next week might bring pain.
But we will get through it together.
No one will get in the way.
I won't leave until you tell me to go. 
I'm going to be here.
Because I care.

And you have to know.