Friday, October 2, 2009

In all honesty. I am just a liar...


They are the worst!
Taking words and folding them up to make sharp objects that will only hurt other people.
There are those "white lies" that people love to excuse.
But truth be told.
Sometimes they are worse than those full out black and dirty lies.

I can honestly say that I have had people come up to me and look straight into my brown eyes and lie. They lie through their teeth spitting out poisonous words.

Those lies are just a start.
Just a scab compared to the scars I can make on my own.
A lie is told.
I chew on it.
I swallow it.
I let it eat me inside.
Hurting my heart.
Distracting everything in the present.
And I tell myself...
You don't deserve better.
No one will tell the truth.
No one is worth trusting.
Give up.
Be let down.
Fall down.
Fall hard.
Hit the ground...
And remember no one will help you up.
Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie.
Label it.
Write it down.
We all do this to ourselves.
A liar can only give us a scratch.
We turn it into the bleeding wound.
The scab we can't help but pick.
The scar we would never dare show.
The weakness we never want to admit to.
I hold my scars weakly.
I pick them painfully.
I sleep with them.
They wake me up.
I let the wound bleed.
I am my own misery.
And there is nothing else I can do.
But let go.
Even if it feels impossible.

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