Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall down. Get up. This is here. Right now...


As I get older and older I realize more and more that life is not easy.
Some may laugh because I am still young...but I see it.
I realize that life is a learning experience.
But that is stupid.
What are we learning through out all of life? And when will we use what we learn in this life?
Maybe we are learning for someday in Heaven.
The fact is that we are learning.

Life is hard.
We win.
We lose.
We stand up.
Only to fall down.
We make relationships.
Only to watch them fall to pieces.
But why not keep trying?
Through all of the sadness their are happy moments.
With every problem their is a solution.
Their is always pain, but there is also pleasure.
Friendships come and go.
But the memories are still sweet.

Live Life.
I fall.
I fall to pieces.
Never an organized mess.
Just something I have to deal with.
But giving up is not a solution.

Life is a journey.
Sometimes there are bumps.
Sometimes those bumps turn into hills...
That really are mountains.
But what about the beauty of it?
Life is...
Sunshine in the rain.
A beautiful rainbow.
A breath of fresh air.
A smile that makes you feel like you could never cry again.
A hug when you need it.
Life is being alive.

I guess the reason why I am saying all of this is because...
Life is so much more than what we are feeling right now.
Happy or Sad.
Life is the years behind us and the years ahead.
If we don't make the best of what we have no matter how good or bad.
Then we fail.
We fail ourselves.
For not living and taking advantage of this adventure.
We are here. Right here. Right now.
Life is happening. We don't have to try to figure this out.
Just Live Life.

~Janey Lu

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