Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dream and Love like there is no Tomorrow

Yesterday I was working on a new blog post.
And I actually did make one.
I don't really know how it happened.

But all of these really crazy emotions.
Turned into this really really intense poem.
A poem that won't really do anyone any good.
Except maybe me because all of those feeling will be out in the open.
But it's not worth it.
So I wrote it down in my little book of "intenseness"...
And deleted it.
Which is why you are not reading it right now.

I think that there are better things to say.
Maybe we will talk about depressing stuff later.
So here it goes.

There are about...
3,700 babies aborted.
3,000 people who commit suicide. 
115 people who die in a car accident.
In America each day.

There are about...
1.8 deaths per second.
Over 100 deaths per minute.
150,000 deaths per day.
55,000,000 deaths per year.

And guess what!
The craziest thing about this is that... 

You survived.
You survived and maybe you never even realized that you could have died.
Every second. Every hour. Every Day... something tragic could have happened.

But YOU survived.
And what does this mean to you?

The point is.
We live every day.
Walking through the halls at school.
Going shopping.
Going to work.
Not realizing that we only live once.

I find it to be extremely easy...
To hold on to the past.
To see old faces and remember how they hurt me.
To find new faces and see how they let me down.
And I can be so angry when in all reality it is me.
I am the one who brings on my own pain.
I am the one who needs to live my dreams no matter who gets me down.
I think God put me here for a reason.
And how can I live for Him when I can't even live?

I think we all do this when really...

We Should...

Smile more often.
Happiness is contagious.
Hug our friends more.
I hear "hugs reduce stress"
Love more people.
Everyone needs to be loved.

We all have dreams.
And only you can make your dreams come true.
Every moment we have is important.
So why waste it?

~Janey Lu

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  1. Janey, your blogs are amazing!
    I really, really like this one!
    You inspire me!!!

    -Chris Lewis