Saturday, February 6, 2010


Some people are so beautiful.
The greatest shame is that that don't know it.

The beauty they posses is not always outward.
I have come to realize that very few people are really outwardly beautiful... Of course that is according to the standard of our deceitful eyes.

It seems that the people I have come to meet and get to know who I would consider to be "beautiful" disappoint me as I talk to them.
I don't mean to judge.  It just happens...we all do it.
But some people seem to be a disappointment.
The people we never expect to learn a thing from seem to be the ones who teach us the most.

For instance there is a girl in one of my classes and to be honest when I saw her I felt bad for her.  She didn't really talk to anyone and no one sat to close to her.  Her face was hidden behind glasses.  She sort of wobbled around dropping her things as she made it into the classroom.  The professor seemed to treat her as if she were slow.  At first glance it is easy to assume that she is.  (I know very harsh...but I have to be honest) 
There was something about her and the way she sat in the very back of the classroom and stared at the board in a blank stare as the professor wrote down notes.  Little did I know she is like a sponge literally absorbing everything the professor says.  The only time I heard her talk was when another student addressed her, and she spoke with a loud voice and something I guess I would have call a lisp maybe?  But when the professor asked a question she was the 1st to raise her hand and she had this extremely detailed answer with words that made me scratch my head.  I was amazed, this girl who many thought to be slow turned out to be somewhat knowledgeable.  
But that wasn't the only thing that got me.  Her knowledge is something she really works on...and that inspires me.  Now whenever I see her I can't help but wonder how she is doing, how her classes are going...etc... To be honest. I would really like to be her friend.  Because after looking a little bit closer it became easier to see beauty in her.

I can't help but laugh when some of the most attractive people end up being jerks (no offense to you if you find yourself to be extremely attractive.  I am sure you are a very nice person ;) and hey we should be friends!) 

But yes. I would never want someone to think I walk around and mentally judge people on their looks...I don't.  I just tend to over analyze body language...I don't know maybe that is judgmental. That's not the point.
The point of is simple.  There is more to a person than what you see on the outside.  If we we stop looking at people with our eyes and start looking at people with our heart maybe life will be easier.
Continuing on...

This is what I do on weekends.
I think this is a lovely picture of AppleMac (yes I did name my laptop).

As for a life update...
Janey Lu does not talk to enough people.
Is terrible at being a friend to people.
Is working on everything.
Plans on giving more high fives and thumbs up.
Why? Well just because.
She is working on a lot of cool things.
Learning a lot of things about herself.
Taking endless journeys.
Finds a lot of really good music lately.
Probably reads to much and talks to little.
But overall life is good.
She can't complain. Even though she does.

Something random that I think is funny.
This random cashier dude at Meijer that I talk to sometimes was bagging groceries.  A really old lady walks by (in old lady slow motion) he looks at her and smiles and says "Hey ma'am, whats up!"  She gave him the weirdest look ever and walks away faster.  
I laughed out loud.
...I guess that wasn't that funny...I guess you (whoever you are) had to of been there.

I didn't have anything that great to say, but if you made it this far and you actually read this entire thing then you are probably a stalker or you want to be my friend.  Well maybe not. 
But hey here is a virtual hug! (*Hugs*) 
Thanks for reading :D

~Janey Lu 

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